2019 VW Amarok V6 Diesel Engine Review, Specs, Redesign, & Changes

2019 VW Amarok V6 Diesel Engine Review, Specs, Redesign, & Changes – The 2019 VW Amarok is arriving with extreme changes for the new time of year. Not only that the German truck is creatively various, but there is information under the hood. The most thrilling is a diesel engine. By using it, pickup is moving to be a little more flexible in different ways.

2020 VW Amarok V6
2020 VW Amarok V6


First of all, it starts gateways of the significant market. Feasible US release is not confirmed, however, nevertheless, it is apparent that truck is all set for the largest stage. The new engine is likely to make 2019 Amarok capable to go easier off the road and in challenging climate conditions.


Prior editions of the truck are getting power from two varieties of drivetrains, each of 2.0-l displacement. The 2019 VW Amarok becomes a V6 diesel engine. It is moving to be a 3.0-l TDI V-6. Evaluating its forerunners, this version could make a lot more power and torque. All energy is delivered to front wheels by go into default. Of course, AWD is heading to arrive as recommended drive mode.

The update is a part of the larger appearance that can direct too much more changes and upgrades. However, 400 lb-ft of torque is heading to be sufficient for a clean off-road drive. Furthermore, its power output of 220 hp is also a marked improvement. New Volkswagen Amarok can run to 60 mph in just 8 seconds, which is an excellent success. Also, its max speed is set at 120 mph.

2020 VW Amarok V6 Interior
2020 VW Amarok V6 Interior


The new diesel engine is stealing the entire show to all other factors. However, the 2019 VW Amarok will show several updates looking at to earlier editions. The mattress is now able to get a lot more weight, and highest towing is 3500 kg, which is 500 kg more than just before. We could also see some enhancements on the safety, with new hooks and hitches about the mattress. Along with them, cargo is less dangerous on bumpy roads.

Although the exterior continues to be basically the exact same, the interior is enduring a whole lot of changes. Outdoors, there are only some beauty changes. On the contrary, the cabin of the 2019 Volkswagen Amarok truck provides circular air air vents and new steering wheel. Infotainment system provides a small screen for tracking and control. Despite the fact that control panel’s form is the exact same, new specifics are rendering it clean. General comfort is enhanced, particularly via various trim amounts. Trendline and Highline are previously standard, although 2019 time of year edition will take an Ultimate model.


Not only that features listing is dependent upon the picked trim level, but additionally the price. With the number of options, the price of the 2019 VW Amarok may differ. Base Trendline model will start from 32,000 euro, and Highline with standard features charges 36,000 euro. We presume Ultimate version is moving over 40,000 euro with many distinctive features. Additional offers appear individually, at buyers’ selection.

2020 VW Amarok V6 Engine
2020 VW Amarok V6 Engine


The primary opponent of the 2019 VW Amarok is Toyota Hilux. The Japanese carmaker is planning many changes for the forthcoming time of year, and special interest is in the truck section. Of course, there is a Ford Ranger as one of the frontrunners in the sector. Nonetheless, feasible US release for 2019 and diesel engine brings much more competition and competition.