2019 VW Sharan Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance

2019 VW Sharan Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance – The 2019 VW Sharan is moving to be “one to watch” minivan next time of year. Right after a big scandal in the US, this vehicle will take a lot of updates to restore the track record of the carmaker. Properly, it is not heading to be easy with big competition in Europe, in which Sharan is quite popular. However, designers and developers will attempt to resolve the majority of things purchasers did not like on the prior edition.

2019 VW Sharan Review 2019 VW Sharan Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance

2019 VW Sharan Review

Shows of the next 2019 VW Sharan is going to be its roomy trunk, equipment, and dependability. Following a review, drawbacks, these kinds of as managing, ought to be enhanced. In the make, a difference of fact, the drivetrain of the MPV was its significant problem. Dependable and long lasting unit lacked assistance off their components. If the 2019 Sharan brings sportier impact for the drive and features this kind of as noises cancelation, it will probably be one of the finest minivans we are going to discover on the market.


As most European vehicles, the minivan will provide each petrol and diesel engines. The base models are utilizing a 1.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline unit as the resource of power. This mill can create 150 hp and 185 lb-ft of torque. Direct-injection system is standard for equally gasoline engines. This is an excellent answer for urban locations and each day traveling. But, when you appear out on the highway, you will look for a lot more power and velocity. That is exactly what a 2.0-liter diesel engine is supplying. It provides the exact same sum of horsepower as the base model, but its torque increases to 280 lb-ft. That twisting power can make a distinction when you step on the throttle.

2019 VW Sharan Specs 2019 VW Sharan Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance

2019 VW Sharan Specs

The last alternative is a 2.0-liter petrol displacement. The main drawback it the price of 2019 VW Sharan with this particular unit. In addition, upkeep cost will increase the stakes, so a big gasoline unit is not cost-effective. But, it is powerful. If you will need your Sharan for towing, then 220 ponies would certainly be useful. In conjunction with a DSG transmission, users of the model using this engine will feel special driving the minivan. It will get the 2019 Volkswagen Sharan much closer to their new competition for crossover SUV sector.

The 2019 VW Sharan will likely be 4850 mm long. It is also 1900 mm wide, 1750 mm high, and the wheelbase length is 2920 mm. The minivan will be needing practically 12 yards for a convert. Soil clearance is not too nice because 15 cm (6 inches) is inadequate for any off-road adventure. Interior space is one of the benefits of 2019 Volkswagen Sharan. The MPV may take 530-670 kg (1200-1500 pounds), according to set up and engine.


Interior, features, and safety are solid ends of the 2019 VW Sharan. The vehicle will offer you a lot of add-ons in the cabin to boost comfort and entertainment. The touchscreen display is at the middle of the dashboard. Navigation is recommended, but a majority of instructions are provided by this feature. USB and AUX ports, as properly as the Bluetooth, are standard. The VW Sharan 2019 will offer you each Android Auto and Apple CarPlay solutions. Also, there is a MirrorLink. Inside the 2019 VW Sharan, you will have room for five or seven travelers. Customers will pick automatic over the standard manual climate control. Front seats are supplying a home heating function, whilst the second and 3rd row are collapsible.

2019 VW Sharan 2019 VW Sharan Review, Specs, Engine, & Performance

2019 VW Sharan

The significant drawback of the 2019 Volkswagen Sharan’s forerunners was managing. German technicians are concentrating on correcting it. Also, the overall appearance of the minivan is not heading to pull a lot of interest. It requires modernization and some attractive upgrades. Properly, the utility arrives first once we discuss minivans. However right now, when individuals can purchase crossovers and SUVs with similar utility shows, the appearance may be the key to surviving for MPVs. Finally, the 2019 VW Sharan is going to be once again one of the priciest models in its sector. The price is not heading down compared to its predecessor.

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