2020 Volkswagen T6 California Camping Review, Specs, Redesign, & Release Date Rumours

2020 Volkswagen T6 California Camping Review, Specs, Redesign, & Release Date Rumours – Bell-bottoms, psychedelic rock and roll, and the Volkswagen T2 Microbus – a couple of things epitomize American culture in the 1960s as a lot as these three. The second option, although built in Germany, has forever ingrained alone into American car background – and naturally. With unique styling and a large, large cabin, it was the perfect vehicle for long excursions, weekend break getaways… and the yard of Woodstock in particular.

Volkswagen T6 California Camping 2020 Volkswagen T6 California Camping Review, Specs, Redesign, & Release Date Rumours

Volkswagen T6 California Camping

2020 Volkswagen T6 California Camping Review

The VW van is nevertheless kicking in 2018, although unfortunately, customers on this side of the Atlantic are not able to get their practical the newest model, the T6. But VW is aware of us Americans continue to have enjoyed for the large carry van, which is why the company made the decision to deliver almost a dozen of them to the Golden State for us to play with in honor of the California trim’s 30th anniversary.

The California trim has been around since 1988, and transform the standard, cargo-van-like T6 into a comfortable weekend warrior. The standard metal roof is replaced with a pop-up tent, and most of the interior is gutted to make way for a small kitchen, additional storage space, and collapsible seating areas. My journey started at Los Angeles airport, where the half-ton camper vans greeted me upon arrival. One of these vehicles would be my home far from home for the next three times. In this case, a range-topping Sea Red trim that searched much more like a shoebox-sized luxury apartment than a camper van. Fully stocked with two resting pockets, a range, a fridge, a rear bath with a 30-gallon drinking water tank (that were n’t allowed to use), a couple of three-prong power outlets, and a kitchen sink, I set off in my vehicle towards the Pacific Coastline Highway. The three-day trip provided nearly 500 miles driven on picturesque roads and surrounding highways, and two nights of real outdoor camping (i.e. no flowing water) just outside of Malibu and Santa Barbara. Thankfully, the T6 was up for the job. Powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine producing 201 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, with power delivered to all four wheels, the T6 was perfectly capable of puttering together the roadways of The southern area of California on our way to camp out. Stopping at a couple of beachside parking plenty along the way, the vehicle constantly managed to draw a crowd. One particularly enthralled Mercedes Sprinter proprietor even jumped in the backseat – without invitation – prior to peppering me with concerns like, “this is electric, right?” – mistaking the Euro-only model with the upcoming I.D. Buzz – and, “when can I get one of these?” Enthusiasm for California is genuine, particularly in California.

Volkswagen T6 California Camping Specs 2020 Volkswagen T6 California Camping Review, Specs, Redesign, & Release Date Rumours

Volkswagen T6 California Camping Specs

After a few hours traveling the PCH, our journey guides us to a personal campground overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Subsequent a bold climb up the side of a hill – which the T6 handled with composure, I ought to include – we loaded our campers firmly onto the open region. After a fast demo of all the sleeping features by a VW engineer, including the electronically run put-up roof, the foldable bench seat, and the swiveling front seats, we unloaded the dark beer from our in-car refrigerators and set up camp out for the night. Standing about the campfire – in among spirited talks of would you and wouldn’t survive on the TV show Naked and Scared – we all agreed upon one thing: the T6 California was immediately lovable. Day two was fulfilled having an early morning. Right after a fast breakfast and a spot of coffee, we set off on to the 101 highway, and into Santa Barbara. Once more, halting along the way at a couple of more beachside parking lots guide to us interesting with local people, most of who pondered in which they could get their own VW T6, and for how much. Santa Barbara was only stopped one, as the second leg of the journey would guide us into Los Padres National Forest. That’s where the T6 California truly amazed. In the mountainous areas just north of Santa Barbara, the van showed off its canyon-carving capabilities. Although packed up with baggage, a stovetop, and a mini-fridge, evaluating in at nearly 6,000 pounds, the van was surprisingly created on some especially twisty roads.

The 2.0-liter engine delivered an enhanced throttle response and having an optionally available adaptive chassis control system, it had been quite nimble, as well. A light-weight, sensitive steering rack gave great comments from the road without pushing me to you know what the bulky body was performing. Just imagine a lifted Golf with a bit excess fat -that’s basically how the T6 seems from right behind the wheel. Subsequent our enjoyable run through the Los Padres forest, we set up our campers for the night once again, this time utilizing a skillfully hidden crank under the passenger seat to relax the exterior canopy, and unzipping the rear-door installed collapsible seats to set up a kind of patio area. Beer in hands, I enjoyed the view of the surrounding mountain tops wishing my one-time VW van experience was more of an every week incidence. Our final day was met with traffic on the 405, and a quick spot of lunch at In-N-Out burger – which I appreciated in the cabin of a colleague’s T6, utilizing the collapse-out desk in the back seat – forward of our drop-off point. But at the end of it all, I found myself not seeking to give up the lovable van. It’s difficult to envision Us citizens wouldn’t go crazy for this thing, particularly with our given birth to-once again love of the American road trip.

Volkswagen T6 California Camping Review 2020 Volkswagen T6 California Camping Review, Specs, Redesign, & Release Date Rumours

Volkswagen T6 California Camping Review

For what it’s worth, with current conversion prices, the VW T6 is pretty costly. This specific model, a fully loaded Sea Red trim, would cost more than $100,000 in the U.S. – which is expensive, particularly when stacked up to other Recreational vehicle-ed out vans like the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit, which regularly go for six figures. Fortunately, lower trims with fewer features ensure it is a more affordable option when compared to the competition; a base model would set you back less than $45,000. I’d argue that $45K is a quite reasonable price to pay for a van that seconds as a small Recreational vehicle. Unfortunately, VW assured us all through the trip it has no plans to deliver the T6 Stateside, no matter how a lot we plead with. We are able to at least look forward to the I.D. Buzz in 2022, which will be the all-electric reincarnation of the original VW Bus that started this whole love affair in the first place. Here is wishing it’s half as charming and exciting as California was.