2024 Range Rover EV What We Know So Far

2024 Range Rover EV – Jaguar Land Rover is confident in its ability to electrify even the largest models, such as the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Sport. It has also confirmed that a Range Rover EV will be launched in 2024 as part of its fifth-gen Range Rover announcement. The Range Rover Sports EV (and the Land Rover Defender EV) will be the most ambitious vehicle project in the company’s Reimagine strategy.

2024 Range Rover EV

2024 Range Rover EV

The MLA Flex platform can be used to support internal combustion engine models, as well as PHEVs and BEVs. In the announcement of the fifth-generation model, we already have confirmation that a Range Rover electric vehicle will be available. It’s also a great pleasure to inform you and announce the launch of the 100% electric, all-electric Range Rover in 2024.

2024 Range Rover EV Redesign

When we design programs and vehicle programs, I can assure you that we don’t think of designing them with a level of profitability that would be harmful to our goals. It was clear from our presentations that all models should contribute to the company’s profitability targets. There is no room for error and there will be no mistaking. We are certain that these products will be profitable.


On the design front, the all-new Range Rover represents a significant upgrade to the fourth-gen model. The new Range Rover’s silhouette is almost identical to that of the previous model. JLR has updated the internationally acclaimed design with a slightly new expression for the next decade. Gerry McGovern’s design team retained Range Rover’s iconic features, including the clamshell roof, straight lines, and tapered bodywork at the rear. As we predicted, the drag coefficient (0.30 Cd), which is 10% lower than the outgoing model (0.34 Cd), gives the Range Rover best-in-class aerodynamics. JLR claims that the all-new Range Rover luxury SUV is the most aerodynamically efficient in the world thanks to its significantly lower drag coefficient.

The all-new Range Rover’s front features slimmer headlamps, a grille, and a more prominent lower grille. Two horizontal, body-colored horizontal slats cover the entire width. Designers placed the LED fog lights between the bars of the lower grille. The radiator grille now has new, pipe-like inserts that emphasize the smaller footprint of other elements. The Range Rover’s side features include flush door handles and a larger fuel cap lid with a similar shape to the squircle. The rear-end of the JLR flagship model has been transformed extremely. This makes it futuristic and offbeat. The designers are preparing for zero emissions and have removed the tailpipes. The tailgate’s lower portion is smooth with rounded edges. The tailgate below the glasshouses a full-width gloss black panel with a Range Rover inscription. This panel connects to very thin tail lamps. The sleeker new model features a slimmer bumper with a narrow skid plate and slimming fog lights/light reflectors. The tail lamps and the shark fin antennas at the roof give the Range Rover a slightly polarizing appearance. The unusual rear-end design would shock or amaze, and it is sure to be a surprise.


The fifth-gen Range Rover cockpit is dominated by large screens, a 13.7-inch driver information screen, and a 13.1-inch central display. Although the interior of the all-new Range Rover looks familiar, every component has a new design. Some might be disappointed by the odd two-spoke steering structure. The screen is significantly larger and should make it easier for front passengers to use the infotainment system. JLR used the Pivi Pro touchscreen infotainment device with a 13.3-inch, curved, floating display. This screen is the largest in Land Rover’s history. This Land Rover-first feature features haptic feedback when touching or pressing the screen. It makes it less distracting. The all-new Range Rover’s central display is not tilted like the old model. It’s a fixed unit that has a better angle, and it doesn’t need to be adjusted. The dashboard isn’t as rough. The central display now has a better aspect ratio, which makes it easier to read. The primary display is large enough that there is no need for a secondary display. The Pivi Pro system is synchronized with a 13.7-inch semi-floating, digital instrument cluster. The new climate control panel looks more traditional. In keeping with the new design theme, the electronic gear selector has been redesigned to be a compact and short unit. Rear seat passengers have the option to entertain themselves using adjustable 11.4 inch HD touchscreens. The rear-seat passengers can adjust the seat position using the 8-inch touchscreen located in the armrest. Customers can now specify their Range Rover Sport as a seven-seater for the first time.

2024 Range Rover EV Price

2024 Range Rover EV Price

Land Rover has provided a solid base for the Range Rover EV. It’s unlikely that it will make any major changes to its remarkably aerodynamic and clean body. You can expect a unique bumper, a shut-off/faux radiator grille, and new wheels that favor aerodynamics. McGovern’s team would not alter the balance by adding blue or green tinges to Range Rover’s exteriors, or stereotypical EV signatures. Land Rover might offer a few EV-specific paints for its Range Rover EV. The Interior will likely be almost identical. The material mix will include more recycled and eco-friendly materials. The graphics and menus for the instrument cluster or infotainment system might have a different expression.


The all-new Range Rover has a lot of high-end features. Its electric version would get most of them. Exterior highlights include high-definition digital LED lights, 23-inch wheels, flush deployable power handles, power-assisted door handles, deployable side steps, and “hidden until-lit” rear lamps. Multiple screens at the front and back of the vehicle create a high-tech digital setup. The dashboard’s center is home to a sleek 13.1-inch touchscreen. It allows you to use the Pivi Pro infotainment software in the most intuitive way possible. A 13.7-inch semi-floating instrument cluster is located in front of the steering wheels. It features “hidden until-lit” controls. The head-up display, which appears to project information at 2.0 meters from the driver, reduces the need for drivers to look down or glance at the cluster.

Rear seat passengers can have fun with the Rear Seat Entertainment system. It includes an individual operable 11.4 inch HD touchscreen mounted at the rear of the front seatbacks. Passengers can adjust the rear cabin environment using an 8-inch touchscreen controller. Rear-seat passengers have heated door armrests and hot stone massage functionality. There is also a heated center console, heated heel catcher, and calf rest. Range Rover’s iconic split tailgate or two-piece tailgate is now more luxurious thanks to the addition of the Tailgate Event Suite feature. The lower portion of the tailgate can be used to enjoy picnics, sporting events, scenic spots, or just relax outside. To create the perfect atmosphere for two, the upper section integrates dedicated speakers and dimmable spotlights to create a cozy environment.

MLA-Flex platform

The new 2022 Range Rover is a chapter in the brand’s history. It debuts a revolutionary platform called MLA-Flex, which will allow it to go completely electric. MLA-Flex allows Land Rover to pack even the largest SUVs with everything, from hybrid systems to conventional engines and fully electric powertrains. Land Rover will eventually use MLA-Flex on every model other than the Evoque. This is a top-down approach. The big daddy Range Rover is the first.

The all-new Range Rover body is 50% stiffer thanks to the MLA Flex platform. It has a static torsional stiffness (33 km/deg) Even with a panoramic roof, the torsional stiffness can be up to 50% more. The brand’s new Range Rover model is the first to have 23-inch wheels. They would look fantastic on the electric version. The MLA-Flex platform offers a larger interior thanks to its 75mm extra wheelbase. Seven people can travel comfortably together with the 200 mm extra wheelbase of Long Wheelbase. This is the Range Rover’s first-ever feature.


Powertrains for the Range Rover EV could be co-developed by the BMW Group. Jaguar Land Rover and the German automaker collaborated in June 2019 to create next-generation Electric Drive Units. The companies will however manufacture the units for each model individually. JLR plans to manufacture electric drive systems at Wolverhampton’s Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC). They could be related to the fifth-generation BMW eDrive that powers the iX/i4? Possibly. We doubt that they are connected to the sixth-gen BMW eDrive, which goes into the Neue Klasse model arriving in 2025.

2024 Range Rover EV Specs

2024 Range Rover EV Specs

2024 Range Rover EV Price & Release Date

Prices for the fifth-gen Range Rover will be available in the U.S. starting at USD 104,000 and going up to USD 163,500. Although the plug-in hybrid version isn’t yet available, it will be in the Range Rover range by MY2023, so the prices for the top-end configuration may rise. Prices for the pure electric variant could start at USD 130,000.