2025 BMW 3 Series Electric : All You Need To Know

2025 BMW 3 Series Electric – The Bavarians have two BMW 3 Series electric models on the way. The Chinese-only version (BMW I3 sedan) is already making its debut. It will be available in May 2022 then followed by the international version in 2025. The latter version will be more modern and will match the existing Tesla Model 3, which has become the preferred car choice for the first EV adopters in many countries around the world.

2025 BMW 3 Series Electric

2025 BMW 3 Series Electric

2025 BMW 3 Series Electric Redesign

The name used internally for BMW’s next-generation BMW 3 Series Electric is BMW NA5, according to an article on whichcar.com.au dating January 2022. The codename is in be in conflict with the BMW Blog report, which says the name of the model will be BMW NK1, according to the sources. The abbreviation NK1 could be referring to the initial Neue Klasse model based on the platform. It is the global version of BMW 3 Series Electric must be a highly desired worldwide car regardless of what the name may be.

The world-class BMW 3 Series Electric will be the eighth-generation model. To keep up with the fierce competition in the sector the model will need to provide plenty of new features. The brand new platform design language, design language, powertrain, in-cabin technologies, and many other features will allow it to be competitive. It will be powered by an electric first “Neue Klasse” platform that is under development at the BMW Group Forschungs- und Innovationszentrum (BMW FIZ) located in Munich, Germany, serving as the base of the third stage of BMW’s electrification.

New Design

To reduce the weight of the 3 Series electric bodyshell low, BMW Group could rely on its multi-material formula. A combination of aluminum, steel, and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic could be used when designing it. The worldwide BMW 3 Series Electric would appear different from its internal combustion engine models because of it being an electric platform. It’s likely to be sleeker and more technologically sophisticated, as well as more functional than the BMW i4. The worldwide BMW 3 Series Electric features a wider wheelbase and more A-pillars that are raked.

2025 BMW 3 Series Electric Review

2025 BMW 3 Series Electric Review


Floors will remain level inside the cabin, and there will be no central tunnel blocking any space. This may result in greater space and a cleaner style. The buyers can also expect to see a “frunk,” or storage space , where the engine will normally be. Recycling and sustainable eco-friendly materials is likely to be significant in assisting the company’s carbon-neutral objectives.

Engine & Specs

According to reports, BMW plans to offer the worldwide 3 Series Electric with two designs for the drivetrain: single-motor RWD and a dual-motor AWD system. The model will be powered by BMW eDrive technology, which comprises an entirely new propeller motor (including power electronics) and an 800-volt high voltage battery pack. The NK1 could come with a range of over 435 miles, as per the Autocar report. The 350 kW power source can charge between 10% and 80 percent in just 20 minutes.

2025 BMW 3 Series Electric Price & Release Date

We’re expecting to see a prototype version that is based on the BMW 3 Series electric (‘Vision Concept) this year, prior to when the car is made available to dealers in showrooms in 2025. It will be paired with the brand new iX3. It will venture into the highly competitive space of Xpeng, which has launched its entry-level sedan, the P5 in 2021, Nio plans to launch the Nio ET5 in September of this year. Mercedes-Benz plans to offer C-Class electric vehicles in 2025. Jaguar could launch an electric car that is mid-sized as well. Ingolstadt plans to launch the release of an Audi E4 (electric A4). Did we not mention the new Tesla Model 3?

The worldwide introduction of the BMW 3 Series Electric will be a reality without a doubt, however, this petrol 3 Series will not be relegated to historical records. At least, not yet. As part of BMW’s pledge to provide customers with The Power of Choice, a traditional eight-generation BMW 3 Series has been on the way. In the end, the 3 Series is the bread and butter of BMW. Electric vehicles will not be fully democratized before the end to the end of this decade, in the majority of areas where BMW has its market share. When speaking to auto motorsport, in the month of January 2022, Frank Weber, a BoM member who is responsible for Development at BMW AG, shared that in 2025, the customers might not be able to enjoy the freedom of driving an electric car because of infrastructure limitations. The pace of progress isn’t as rapid as people might have thought.

2025 BMW 3 Series Electric Specs

2025 BMW 3 Series Electric Specs

Weber stated that BMW will not place customers in a position in which only EVs are in the menu. BMW “will not force” customers to select between “new” (electric models) as well as “old” (ICE models) according to Weber. The adoption of electric vehicles has been growing across China, Western European markets as well as the United States, and Canada However, ICE models will remain the most popular models across a wide range of markets such as Southeast Asia and South America as well as other regions throughout the decade.

For Sale

BMW passengers car vehicle sales in North America plummeted by nearly 11% in the first quarter of 2022 as compared to Q1 2021. BMW sold 31,433 vehicles in the first quarter of 2022 in contrast to 35,262 vehicles that were sold in the first quarter of 2021. In the 3 Series model, line-up sales declined by 13.5 percent within North America; BMW has sold 8,156 units of 3 Series models so far in 2022. Not surprisingly, the U.S.-built SUVs X (X3, X4, X5, and X7) was more popular than the sedans and accounted for 57% of 1Q 2022 sales. The 3er wasn’t even the only non-SUV model to be influenced by its SUV counterparts and all BMW non-SUV models, from 2 Series to 2 Series through the 8 Series, witnessed negative growth. In addition, 347 units of the electric BMW iX were sold in the first quarter of 2022.