2025 Volkswagen Arteon Hybrid

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2025 Volkswagen Arteon Hybrid

TRANSFORM 2025 Volkswagen Presents Its Strategy For The Next


In phase 1, up to 2020, the brand will be entirely restructuring its core business and completing a transformation along the entire value stream …

Volkswagen Reveals Strategy 2025 Uncategorized

Volkswagen Reveals Strategy 2025

Generally speaking, this plan outlines up to 30 new all-electric or plug-in hybrid models which will be revealed by 2025.

2021 VW Arteon Plug In Hybrid Launched In Europe With 36 Miles

2021 VW Arteon Plug-In Hybrid Launched In Europe With 36 Miles Of EV Range

VW’s electrified Arteon claims a combined driving range of more than 560 miles.

Volkswagen Stops Orders For Some Plug In Hybrids Amid Supply Crunch


Orders for plug-in hybrid versions of the Golf, Tiguan, Passat, Arteon, and Touareg models will be halted in Germany until further notice …

First Drive Does A Hybrid Powertrain Extend The Volkswagen Arteon


Mild-hybrid technology is being applied across the board while plug-in hybrids – such as the Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake eHybrid we’re …

What Is Volkswagen S 2025 Transform Plan Money Inc

What is Volkswagen’s 2025 Transform Plan?

It expects that by 2025, they will sell close to one-million all electric and plug-in hybrid cars, worldwide. According to the VW brand manufacture chief, …

Volkswagen Arteon And Tiguan Plug In Hybrids On The Way


We do know that the Arteon and Tiguan are slated to be updated for the 2021 model year, and it’s possible that the plug-in hybrid versions will …

Volkswagen Lays Down Goal Of One Million EV And Plug In Models


It’s too early to tell if one million EVs and plug-in hybrids by 2025 is an attainable goal. But if anybody can pull it off, Volkswagen’s as …

VW Arteon And Arteon Shooting Brake Available With Plug In Hybrid


Volkswagen’s new Arteon and Arteon Shooting Brake are available in Europe as plug-in hybrid models. Prices in Germany start from €51,064.37 …

Volkswagen Offering First Plug In Hybrid Drive For The Arteon Product


Volkswagen will offer a plug-in hybrid drive generating 160 kW (218 PS) for the updated Arteon product line for the first time, in addition …